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Vice Pro

The Vice Pro Plus golf ball is a premium offering from Vice Golf, a company that prides itself on producing high-quality golf balls at an affordable price point.

One of the key features of the Vice Pro Plus is its low compression core, which allows for a softer feel off the clubface. This can be beneficial for golfers with slower swing speeds, as it can help generate more distance and launch. The ball also has a low spin design, which can help reduce hooks and slices for golfers with a tendency to impart too much spin on their shots.

In terms of construction, the Vice Pro Plus features a 3-piece design with a mantle layer and a urethane cover. The mantle layer is designed to provide added stability and control on approach shots, while the urethane cover helps to increase the ball’s durability and spin control on shots around the green.

Overall, the Vice Pro Plus is a solid choice for golfers looking for a premium ball that offers a soft feel and low spin. Its low compression core and mantle layer should provide good distance and control for a wide range of players, while the urethane cover should give the ball good durability and spin control on short shots.

Golf ball vice - Golf ball test

As a golfer who has played a few rounds with the Vice Pro Plus golf ball, I can say that it is a very impressive offering. The first thing I noticed when hitting this ball is the soft feel off the clubface. The low compression core really seems to make a difference in this regard, and it was easy to generate a nice, high launch with this ball.

I also appreciated the low spin design of the Vice Pro Plus, as it seemed to help me reduce hooks and slices on my shots. I have a tendency to impart a lot of spin on my shots, so it was nice to see the ball hold its line and fly straight.

Around the green, the Vice Pro Plus performed very well. The urethane cover provided a nice, soft feel on short shots and chips, and I was able to generate good spin and control on approach shots. The mantle layer seemed to add some stability and predictability to my shots, which was a nice bonus.

In terms of durability, I found the Vice Pro Plus to be on par with other premium balls. It held up well to repeated play and didn’t show any significant signs of wear after a few rounds.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Vice Pro Plus golf ball. It offers a soft feel, low spin, and good control, making it a solid choice for golfers of all skill levels.